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SQUAD GYM is owned and directed by 2 females, Lyndall and Renee. Together they have created something extremely special and unlike anything else in the area. Walking through the facility you will immediately feel the difference between SQUAD and a commercial gym. There is natural light all day and it feels almost like a training playground. There’s greenery and wall feature imagery that ignites motivation to train. The top shelf equipment aside, this facility boasts a female touch with chic bathroom facilities and very cool expresso and shakes bar ‘SQUAD CAFE’. There’s no mirrors which allows the members to focus on how things feel rather than how they look. The customer service is on point and friendly and the directors are hands on with all facets of the business. The facility welcomes all levels of fitness with the only prerequisite being a commitment to want to be better. They seek members who value their health and fitness and are driven to enrich their lives. The membership base is wide in age and skill level and evenly balanced between men and women.


Renee Armstrong

Lyndall Vile


Experienced Personal Trainers & Coaches

  • Double Sled Track and Functional Training Area
  • Crossfit and Weightlifting
  • SQUAD GROUP Classes daily
  • SQUAD Café
  • Allied Health Professionals on site
  • Private Bathrooms
  • 24/7 Security
  • Car Parking

Watson Strong Man Equipment

  • Scrum prowlers
  • Farmers walks
  • Full size Log bar
  • Circus dumbbell 70kg
  • Battle ropes
  • Dead balls
  • Sledge Hammers
  • Tires


  • 14 Squat Racks, Watson 1-50kg Dumbells Free Weight and Machines, 2 Deadlift Platforms Watson 1-50kg Dumbells, Incline bench press Shoulder press bench,Glute ham raise Competition squat stands,Bench row Preacher curl,Pendulum squat, Uni-Lateral leg press Reverse hyper extension, BIG Cable crossovers Lat pull down, Seated row, Tricep / bicep cables Plate loaded Chest press, Plate loaded lateral row Thick grip cable attachments


  • Eleiko Powerbars
  • Australian Barbell Powerlifting bars
  • Texas Deadlift bars
  • Texas Squat bars

Watson Specialty Bars

  • Saftey Squat bar
  • Football bar
  • Poliquin bar
  • Cambered Squat bar
  • Trap bar
  • Log Bar
  • Delgrade overhead Squat bar


  • 1500kg Ivanko and Eleiko Calibrated Powerlifting plates
  • 1000kg York steel plates
  • 1000kg Bumper plates


join our group squad


Casual visits are $30. This allows you full access to the facility for 1 VISIT only. This does not include classes.

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SQUAD GYM casual class visit is $40. This allows you full access to the gym plus classes for 1 visit only.

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