With the close of the year around the corner, it’s an opportunity to finish a few chapters and exercise some hindsight.


THRIVING: prosperous and growing; flourishing

SURVIVING: continue to live or exist especially in despite of danger or hardship.

To thrive in life is to feel alive, energetic, motivated, optimistic, young, loved, valued and free. It’s momentum and drive, filled with desire but still enjoying every moment of the journey. What fulfilment is will be different for everyone:
Are you growing at work?
Are you thriving at home?
Are your relationships supportive and healthy?
Does your body feel alive and energetic?
Are you moving closer to your goals?
Does your work load match your bank account? Does this even matter to you?
Are you surrounding yourself with good people?

So if you aren’t thriving the truth is you are just surviving. To spend your time permanently just surviving is a life less lived.

Circumstances that lead you on a downward spiral can be very damaging to your ability to thrive. You may experience severe loss or pain and with that will be grief or you may feel a financial pinch and with that will be anxiety and stress. This is life and it will happen to each of us more times than once. But this doesn’t have to be forever. The greatest thing about hitting rock bottom is you only have two options, you wallow or you rise. Once you make the decision to rise that is your turning point to thrive.

It may mean cutting certain people, saying no or saying yes, standing up for yourself, exercising empathy and patience, letting go, taking responsibility, putting people where they have put you, lifting your standards and above all wanting more for yourself. It may mean being a person of your word, putting your money where your mouth is, taking risks, taking care, being creative, being consistent…. PUT YOURSELF IN A POSITION TO THRIVE.

Look at pain as an opportunity. Take your life by the reigns and lead it where you want to go. Take only those with you who would take you too.

Sit down and decide what you want in 2018. Plan it out and go for it. We all have one life with multiple chances to start again. Say no to merely surviving and open yourself up to start really thriving.