Working in the Fitness Industry for 6 years now I have had the opportunity to cross paths with many people both male and female. A huge topic of conversation in consultations and training sessions is POOR BODY IMAGE. Believe it or not men suffer it as well as women, and generally the perpetrators of POOR BODY IMAGE are similar between genders.

The top contributors:
No surprises here. I think we can all agree that looking at someones photo shopped, spray tanned, super oiled body photographed in perfect light is enough to make you feel like less.

Single guys and girls tend to have poorer body image. Perhaps not getting the reassurance from a significant other can lead to a downward spiral of bad self talk and unrealistic expectations. Comments like if I was skinnier I’d be more attractive etc…

People that grew up with a constant dieting parent are more inclined to feel pressure to have the perfect body at all times. This I found interesting and a little bit sad. I can’t remember my Mum ever dieting growing up. I was very lucky to never have those types of pressures or be pre disposed to a bad relationship with food.

WEALTH BEAUTY SUCCESS. We live in a world where culturally we have evolved to believe that these 3 go hand in hand. However, some of the prettiest, richest and successful men and women I have trained have in fact been very depressed and have extremely low body image. Probably due to the pressures of outside expectations and the pressure they place on themselves. Chasing the unicorn.

I have found that in order to get the best out of people they need to feel safe, supported and loved. I aim to create this environment at SQUAD GYM as well as in my sessions.

But you need to do work on yourself.

What are you doing today to improve the way you feel about yourself and how are your actions impacting those around you, especially your family.

Would love to hear your thoughts…