Healthy.. What does that even mean?

What does that even mean?

‘Healthy’ to me is a state of mind, it’s a mood, it’s a look, it’s a measure of productivity and overall happiness. Whilst appearances are not everything, they are a reflection of how you feel about your self and the effort you believe you are worth. Be careful of the people you aspire to, are they just faking it and covering their own demons with provocative images claiming to be healthy and happy? There’s no need for judgement however, consider if looking at this type of material is adding value to your day or is it perpetuating the negative self talk you are already battering yourself with? Also, who realistically has time to train for hours every day?
Keep in the front of your mind that leaner is not better, thinner is not happier and dieting all year round is not cool.
I have over my time in this industry experimented, lived and obsessed over a lot of trends. They have included:
 – Vegan
– Cardio Bunny
– Body Building
– Twice a day training
– No carbs
– Carb Backloading
– Carb Cycling
– Powerlifting
– Flexible Dieting
– No gluten
– No dairy
– No sugar
– No alcohol
…. there’s so many more I could share
My greatest achievement however, is staying what I call ‘IN SHAPE’ all year round. How I am right now. I am very aware of the influence that the media has on people and also being able to know a phoney when I see one mostly because that use to be me.
My idea of being in shape all year round is enjoying food but not thinking about it all day. It’s having energy to train but not feeling the pressure. It’s staying the same weight on the scales, fitting all my clothes, being able to put a bikini on when ever and overall just being a normal woman. Its being a shape and size I’m designed to be and that has been built from doing and eating stuff that I like. It’s being able to move house on my own, it’s being able to enjoy chocolate and its being able to eat bread everyday with out having to polish off the whole loaf in case I never get to eat it again.
It’s no secret that I enjoy to train and I endorse it like I would water. I believe looking after your body is the best thing you can do for yourself. My clients love training and I am privileged to share my passion daily with them and those around me.
For those that have been tempted to visit myself and SQUAD GYM now’s the time…. Your surroundings are a huge influence on your life, so surround yourself with diamonds and not glitter.
Renee x