A common question I get asked

PERSON: ‘Are you going to compete in powerlifting?’

ME: ‘Nah never.’

PERSON: (often very puzzled)… ‘So why do you train like that?’


You see, I love to train, I love to get strong, I love to look strong, fit and athletic, I love that I can eat more food than most girls, I love being petit but muscular, I love squatting more than double my body weight for reps, I love researching new programs and correlating to form my own, I love strength training and I love sharing this with other woman.

You don’t have to be a super strong, hella shredded, lifting Goddess of the genetic fairies to reap benefits from strength training. I can assure you, not every person playing tennis is preparing for the Aussie Open but that doesn’t mean they aren’t benefiting or enjoying themselves.


With powerlifting there is progression on so many levels. It is one of the very few sports that you will get better at consistently if you work hard and have appropriate programming. You can go at your own pace and make it a solo thing or a group thing. You will see results if you continue to push yourself and the rewards are more than physical. It’s never too late to start in fact, it’s so good for you Dr’s are now promoting it as treatment for back injuries and brittle bone prevention. And to be fair, it’s a good feeling throwing around heavy weights, losing body fat and discovering what your body is capable of.