Stop Training Body Parts

(body builders may want to exit here, or stick around cause there’s some take aways that could (would) help your physique goals too)

If you have a goal of fat-loss, improved fitness, cardiovascular efficiency and thriving metabolism, I encourage you to stop training body parts and start training movements.

We have all been given the typical ‘split program’ (I stole this BTW cause I haven’t written one in ages and forgot how)

Day 1: Back, biceps, abs
Day 2: Hams, quads, calves
Day 3: Chest, shoulders, triceps
Day 4: Rest or active recovery
Day 5: Back, biceps, abs
Day 6: Hams, quads, calves
Day 7: Chest, shoulders, triceps
Day 8: Rest and 40 min walk

Now this type of training works, I’m not denying that but, if you aren’t a body builder why are you training specific muscle groups??… What if I told you it could be 10 times as fun, more effective for fat loss and your progression could be gaged, planned and mapped out for weeks/ months at a time. What if you could feel way more inspired by your training than just ‘getting ya pump on’?

Training body parts, in my opinion, can become obsessive and over time uninspiring if your goal is fat loss and overall wellbeing not to mention you can put on a lot of muscle doing large, heavy compound movements if you wanted to. Not to mention, unless your intensity is really really high, which for a normal person is not so easy to do especially at first, a day of chest shoulders and triceps isn’t really going to be the best option for you.

Taking the focus off aesthetics and placing it on fundamental movements like squatting, deadlifting and upper body pushing and pulling can have a far greater calorie expenditure and muscle recruitment than you would be aware of. This means you are using more of your body with out actually focusing on it. All whilst learning and improving skills that have carry over into normal life.

A deadlift, is not a leg exercise. It is a posterior chain based movement, not to mention biceps, forearms and quads. Your posterior chain is pretty much every single muscle behind you, yes there are a lot of muscles there. And to use all these muscles and stabilisers to perform a deadlift takes a lot of energy, energy is calories, calories are food. A lot more energy than lying down doing hamstring curls.

A squat, the god of all movements, is a HUGE exercise. When performed correctly, A squat can leave you absolutely gased and sore for days. The amount of energy your body needs to perform squats can not be compared to any other leg exercise.

Training movements and then including the dynamic needed to push weight in these movements, is the key to a better looking body and a better functioning body. If you are with a PT who isn’t teaching you to squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press or chin up, I urge you to ask them why? Ask them why you are training your quads or your chest. Ask them about power movements and why you aren’t doing them.

My clients walk in and I never ask what body part we are training cause the answer to that I already know, all of them. The question is what lift are we training.