I had a conversation last week with a client regarding motivation and how she was beginning to ‘fall out of love’ with fitness because she’d lost the motivation to continue on her athletic journey – which is something thats perfectly normal. I’d be lying if I said I bounded into the gym each day with endless energy in pursuit of the best workout I could muster. The thing about motivation is that you cant rely on it to be there there when you need it. Motivation comes and goes however it wants. It might not last to the end of the week, end of the day, or even the end of this article. It’s fleeting.

Motivation is situational; its based on your current situation.

How do you FEEL right now? If you don’t feel like doing it then you probably wont. It’s very easy to get inside your own head and talk yourself out of something thats seemingly a little bit challenging.

Why exercise when you can relax on the couch?

Why spend an hour doing food prep when you can just grab take away?

Why push yourself when you can spin your wheels and have a mediocre life?

Motivation is everywhere. Everywhere you go, you see people trying to get motivated to do something, to make a change. They’ll go read something, watch something or attend a conference and come away “motivated.” But that only leaves them “motivated”, it doesn’t move them to action.

“I’m motivated to do this”. “I’m motivated to do that”. Stop being motivated and just do it already!

You don’t need more motivation – you need discipline.

See discipline is a whole different animal.

Discipline is Consistent.The consistency of discipline is what makes it discipline. You go out and do it, day after day.

Discipline Is Habitual. Discipline doesn’t just “happen.” It’s intentional and it’s repeated. Every. Single. Day.

Discipline Is Rare. Discipline isn’t always fun, but it’s how you see results.

Motivation is the start, but if it’s not solidified into a discipline, it usually fades away into regret pretty quickly once you realise you never acted on it.

Everyone is motivated by something, and that’s why setting realistic, tangible and challenging goals AND acting on them is so crucial to your success, however you will have days when regardless of how you FEEL you just have to show up and do the work. If I only trained when ‘I felt like it”, then I wouldn’t train nearly as often as I do, which means I wouldn’t have the body that I have, I wouldn’t be an elite powerlifter and I wouldn’t have achieved nearly half of my fitness and/or strength goals.

So at the end of the day: don’t wait for the perfect time to start – there will never be one.And most certainly don’t wait for your motivation to show up – because trust me, it probably wont. So regardless of how you feel, just do the work anyway.