Personal Training at SQUAD GYM- Renee Armstrong

The most important part about being a trainer to me is PRACTICE what you preach. If someone is going to trust my advice, then I too need to live by it.

I’ve been personal training in some of Sydney’s best/busiest gyms for 6 years and now successfully co-run Squad Gym in Sydney’s Inner West.

My philosophy on coaching is the same philosophy I live my life by. If it’s not sustainable and it doesn’t bring you joy, then don’t invest.

I value my relationship with my clients as I believe it allows us to focus specifically on their needs and it gives me the opportunity to appropriately guide them.

Training should feel good, you should constantly be progressing. A coach should offer a path to be stronger, fitter, happier, more confident and above all a greater sense of what it really means to be healthy.

Its not having abs or being the strongest person in the gym, its about being the best you can be and knowing that you are investing in yourself and that it’s paying off.

Take time to look after your body. Don’t leave yourself open to regret later in life when you wish you did more to take care of yourself.

Act now. No one can make the change but you….