Renee Sahyoun

Hi Im Renee and I am the proud owner and head coach here at Squad Gym.

I am passionate about coaching every day, general population people who want to get stronger, lose body fat and feel more confident.

I have successfully transformed many of my clients lives through structured coaching systems, that focus on getting you moving pain free and progressing week after week.

Personal Training is the ultimate service that incorporates weekly face to face time together and all your programming and nutrition guidance. Also complete access to my training app for those sessions you need to complete on your own.

We can also do all this ONLINE.. Here we communicate daily via my app with the inclusion of video and written feedback. This also includes video exercise demonstrations and daily critique to make sure every session is progressing.

I focus on basics. Nothing fancy, no tricks, just basic nutrition and training principles.

Reach out today and lets talk about how I can get you moving in the right direction of greater health and fitness.



Amanda B

    Renee has worked wonders on my hips and overall movement patterns. Before coming to her I had constant hip pain sitting, walking and sleeping, I was unable to squat or do any hip flexion for over 6 months after pushing squats for too long with poor technique previously. With her thoughtful and methodical programming, I was bodyweight squatting only a few weeks into the program to depth pain free and able to sit all day at work pain free. I know 100% it has been due to her programming as well as her accountability to not only get to the gym but be precise and perfect with every movement. It greatly exceeded any expections I ever had coming into this. Also if you are worried about it being online…you will recieve more feedback than you ever had with any other coach face to face, I was blown away by this! Renee provides outstanding service and she is a pleasure to work with, even if you are an annoying client like me. 😉


    “I have been training weekly with Renee for the past 2 years, I started out my training to rehab a pretty bad back injury, Renee has supported and coached me to improve my strength and mobility and guided me to improve my technique in the gym to prevent further injury and support functional movement. Working together we have increased my cardio output and overall wellbeing, my program is constantly changing and is always challenging. Renee pushes me to achieve my goals and helps me go past the point I would normally give up, and I have been able to lose nearly 20kgs. I am now playing completive sport again, training injury free, building muscle and increasing my output in the gym every session, most importantly my kids now look at me as the fit dad not the injured dad”


    I reached out to Renee a few months ago because I just felt lost and unmotivated in the gym, and it was the best decision I have made in a long time!!! Renee has helped me get over my fear of lifting heavy weights after an injury and I haven’t felt this strong and confident in a long time. She pushes me each week in my PT session to achieve things I didn’t think I would be able to do again. I couldn’t recommend her and Squad Gym enough. I now look forward to going to train everyday!!


    Renee is so much more than “just a coach”. She’s a beaming light in leading the way forward to a stronger and ultimately healthier life, always pushing and encouraging at the right level to keep you engaged and maximising your training time together. Having trained together 2-3 times a week for the past 2.5 years, Renee has always gone above and beyond, being instrumental in my successful rehabilitation from 2 spinal surgeries and shoulder reconstruction. I can’t thank her enough for the positive influence she’s had on my life.


    I reached out to Renee after following her for many years on social media. At this point, I was very vulnerable and weak as I hadn’t train for a while due to being in a traumatic accident which left me very weak and depressed. I was feeling very anxious, thinking that she won’t take me on board as I have a history of injuries and not in an ideal mental state. Instead, Renee reassured me and welcomed me (virtually) with open arms. Every single week, Renee pushes me and allows me to see what my body can achieve. She makes me see what I think is the impossible. 8 weeks later, I am much stronger, achieving my goals and getting rid of the mental block I have been stuck in. Also being a trainer myself, I am learning so much more so I can better assist my clientele. Renee, thank you so much for your support and for not giving up on me 🙂


    I somehow came across Renee’s Instagram account & I truely believe it was perfect timing. Lost, frustrated & looking for results – within the first introductory week, Renee had listened to what I was searching for & knew exactly what approach we needed to take for my body to make a shift. I have been working with Renee for only 2.5 months to assist with losing stubborn body fat, too build strength & for guidance on flexible dieting. I have seen more results by Renee’s coaching in these 2 months than I have in the last 8 months. Every week I’m excited to get to training & I love the accountability I have from Renee. I am so grateful our paths crossed as I’ve never felt so happy and I’m excited to continue this journey with an incredible coach.


    I found Renee and Squad Gym about 18 months ago, and it’s been the absolute best thing I ever did! Prior to starting with Renee I’d been training fairly frequently but my training lacked structure and consistency. In the time I’ve been coached by Renee, I’ve more than doubled my strength and my technique and body awareness have improved exponentially! Renee never compromises form for ego and she is an expert in getting the basics right and building a stable foundation to progress onto heavier and more complex lifts. Renee is by far the most talented and educated coach I’ve ever worked with. Aside from being an absolute professional, she is also an outstanding person. She brings her warmth, authenticity, kindness and compassion to everything that she does. This is perfectly balanced with firmness, encouragement and an incredible ability to instil confidence in her clients. I know I can trust whatever Renee puts on the bar for me, because she knows my abilities inside out. I feel honoured to have Renee as my coach, but even more honoured to be able to call her a friend.


    Hey Renee “ I had been a long-term member of a local gym – but crowded group classes were no longer working for me. My fitness levels were stagnating. Tried physiologist’s programs but they lacked weekly intervention; without adaptable, progressive goals, boredom set in. After weeks of research and encouragement from my family I met with Renee at Squad Gym. I was not interested in weight loss but rather on improving my posture, balance and bone density. Squad Gym under Renee’s guidance has proven to be a life-changing experience. As a “senior”, with nearly twelve months at Squad Gym, I now have more energy and motivation to stave off the perceived negative effects of Father Time; and losing 1.5 kgs of fat along the way has been an added bonus. Squad Gym is a great place to invest in your health: prevention is better than cure”. Christine


    I have been working with Renee online for about 3 months now. I had been following Renee on Instagram for years and finally took the plunge after my second baby. Renee has got me back in the gym and I am feeling really strong again. Each week my confidence improves, which is also great. What I love about training with Renee is that she reviews what I am doing in the gym. getting that feedback on my technique is priceless and not something I think most online trainers do. I am really glad Renee was available when I was ready to get back to the gym!!!!


    I had followed Renee online for a while and really wanted to work with her but distance was not going to make that possible. When I saw her online coaching I was hesitant as past online training experiences had been very disappointing but from day 1 of making contact with Renee I knew I was in good hands! Receiving daily feedback on my sessions has been a game changer and although we’ve never met I feel more connection and care from Renee then previous face to face trainers. After 3 months with Renee I am back lifting heavy with confidence and without pain and my relationship with food is a much more positive one. Working with Renee has been one of the best decisions I’ve made both for my training and nutrition but also my mindset and general mood


    I have been training with Renee since 2015. Previously my training had no focus, and I had become bored and unmotivated. Since training with Renee I’ve become stronger, fitter and my technique has profoundly improved. Renee is very professional, friendly and approachable. It is clear that Renee loves her job and wants the best for every single client! Renee brings passion and knowledge to every session. She definitely knows her stuff. Renee constantly challenges me, yet ensures my technique and safety are the priority. Not only have I been lucky enough to have Renee as my personal trainer. I have gained a great friend. Renee thank you for being honest, kind, caring and absolutely hilarious.

Chris Etter

    If you are looking for a trainer who knows her stuff; who can point out your technical issues and develop you to be in the best shape of your life, you can choose a number of people for that. But if you want a trainer who will do all that, but go that extra mile, who believes in you more than you do yourself, and who will wow you with her energy and passion for what she does – then Reneé is for you. I went through Exercise physiologists and wasted months programming sessions on my own with little results for the effort I was putting in. Enter Reneé. In a few short months, she had me moving easier, stronger and with more confidence. If I didn’t take the plunge, who knows where I’d be now. If you’re on the fence – do it! You won’t regret it!