Our Team


Experienced Personal Trainers & Coaches

  • Double Sled Track and Functional Training Area
  • Crossfit and Weightlifting
  • Private Bathrooms
  • 24/7 Security
  • Car Parking

Watson Strong Man Equipment

  • Scrum prowlers
  • Farmers walks
  • Full size Log bar
  • Circus dumbbell 70kg
  • Battle ropes
  • Dead balls
  • Sledge Hammers
  • Tires


  • 14 Squat Racks, Watson 1-50kg Dumbells Free Weight and Machines, 2 Deadlift Platforms Watson 1-50kg Dumbells, Incline bench press Shoulder press bench,Glute ham raise Competition squat stands,Bench row Preacher curl,Pendulum squat, Uni-Lateral leg press Reverse hyper extension, BIG Cable crossovers Lat pull down, Seated row, Tricep / bicep cables Plate loaded Chest press, Plate loaded lateral row Thick grip cable attachments


  • Eleiko Powerbars
  • Australian Barbell Powerlifting bars
  • Texas Deadlift bars
  • Texas Squat bars

Watson Specialty Bars

  • Saftey Squat bar
  • Football bar
  • Poliquin bar
  • Cambered Squat bar
  • Trap bar
  • Log Bar
  • Delgrade overhead Squat bar


  • 1500kg Ivanko and Eleiko Calibrated Powerlifting plates
  • 1000kg York steel plates
  • 1000kg Bumper plates


Casual visits are $30. This allows you full access to the facility for 1 VISIT only. This does not include classes.

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